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Your choice of web browser used to be the single most important factor in controlling your experience of a website. But all modern browsers now provide reasonably consistent renderings of websites, so long as those websites are designed to industry standards.

Whether you use a Macintosh, a Windows computer, or something else (and you seem to be using — hmmm, a system we can’t recognize ), having the latest version of a browser increases the likelihood that you will be able to take full advantage of websites (like this one) that are designed in adherence to industry standards. These updated browsers can typically be downloaded for free. More information about upgrading your browser can be found below, as well as at the Web Standards Project.

The Most Common Graphical Web Browsers

Netscape Navigator was the first commercially successful web browser. Its latest version, available for Windows only, provides fine support for web standards, as well as email and an assortment of other features.
Upgrade Netscape

Internet Explorer is provided free with Windows, and a version is available for the Macintosh as well. After first announcing that it would Microsoft has however announced that it

Another excellent, full-featured, modern browser is Opera, available for many different operating systems including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. The free version has a relatively unobtrusive ad in the upper right corner; an ad-free version is available for a small fee.
Get Opera

Yet another very fine browser is Mozilla, an Open Source project which is essentially the core of the Netscape browser without a lot of Netscape’s add-ons. It also is available for many different operating systems.
Get Mozilla

Other Specialized Browsers

Text-only browsers are specialized tools that display only the text (and none of the graphics) of a website. They are valuable for users with visual disabilities, who often pair them with a text-to-speech (or speech synthesis) program. More information on text browsers is available on our accessibility page.

Using a television-based browser or a hand-held device like a cell telephone or a PDA obviously makes it difficult or impossible to duplicate the experience of using a modern graphical web browser. But websites that adhere to web standards make it probable that users of these devices will also have satisfactory experiences.

We said above that your browser seems to be version , and that you seem to be usinga system we can’t recognize. But we may be wrong. If we are, please help by letting us know. Thanks!

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